Get your nose into a good book with this week’s trending reads

Quarantine can be difficult! everyone is different and when bored we look for as many things as possible to distract us and keep us busy! The world is a very tech-based place and social media can take up plenty of our day. Why not switch it up and read a book? Or two or three? There are thousands and thousands around even in difficult situations like this there are solutions, for example there is books to be bought online. 

‘Tweet Cute, by Emma Lord’

This rom com was made for the Twitter generation that can’t get enough of social media wars between food brand accounts. On the outside, it’s a Twitter war between a fast-food chain and a deli about a stolen recipe. Behind the scenes, a completely unexpected romance escalates between the classmates who run the accounts. This book appears to explore the idea that love can be found in places that you would not most expect. 

Getting away from social media can be hard but when done has many benefits, for example mental health can boost for many reasons. Reading books can also be a place where you do not have to worry about any problems or issues that could be going on In your life and you can put all that away by focusing on a cheesy rom com or a gripping thriller

‘They Wish They Were Us, by Jessica Goodman’

This book is gripping and is worth the read, it consists of many questions being asked and will want you not to put the book down! In this story Jill finds out the person who you thought killed your best friend didn’t actually do it. That’s what Jill—who goes to a seemingly perfect prep school on Long Island—finds out in this thriller. She has to find out what happened, even if it means risking it all. This book will be hard to put down and can be read at whatever time of day. 

In this next read social media journalist Cal has his life uprooted by his father’s NASA mission to Mars. He falls in love with another teen in the same scenario. When secrets about the mission are revealed, Cal must cope between the truth, family, and his newfound love. It is a very obvious “I moved here because of my parent’s job” scenario. This book has also had funds contributed to the LGBTQ community which is more of a reason to go and read it. 

Books are easy to get attached to, weather it is because we feel we are in a similar boat to the characters or we aspire to be certain characters therefore want to see how the storyline adds up. If books are expensive, they can be bought online and, in this way, it is cheaper! If none of these books are catching your eye there are plenty more out there on amazon or Waterstones.