Top 10 Skincare buys from The Body Shop you should have!

Find out what trending skin care products you should be looking to put in your basket from The Body Shop…

The Body Shop is a cosmetic company that sells different cosmetics such as makeup and skincare products. The great thing about The Body Shop and one of their key selling points is that all their products are cruelty free and do not get tested on animals!

During the pandemic we have seen people swap from buying and obsessing over the latest makeup, and instead moving their interests into skincare. People are buying and wearing less makeup because there is no point wearing makeup with nowhere to go. This is why we have seen people swap to skincare after being faced with their bare face everyday. And also because people are struggling with issues such as Maskne due to the current pandemic.

So in these new times find out the top 10 skincare buys from The Body Shop you should have in your bathroom right now…

1. Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Glow Mask

There are many reasons why this should be in your bathroom. For starters with us all not being able to get out much we are finding our skin is getting dull and lifeless. So, why not try out a mask that could give us some glow back? And secondly with all these evenings too ourselves who doesn’t like to sit back with a mask on and have a nice relax!

2. Drops of Youth serum

Is your face getting dry and lifeless from being stuck indoors with no fresh air? This gel-like texture sinks in quickly to leave your skin feeling fresher and replenished with moisture. It also has protection from indoor and outdoor pollution. So this would be a great product for you whether you are stuck inside or if you are still out busy working.

3. Camomile cleansing butter

This product is a personal favourite of mine! It works wonders for your end of the day cleansing when you are removing your makeup. It is the only product I have ever brought that takes of my waterproof mascara easily! And I mean EASILY! It just melts right away and causes no skin irritation. So if you are still doing your makeup to keep some routine in lockdown or you are still out going to work, this product could be perfect for you!

4. Aloe Smoothing Moisture Lotion

In these cold winter times everyones skin drys up and looses a little bit of moisture, so help your skin out and grab this product! Also, aloe is great and soothing for your skin and works well to keep acne at bay.

5. Tea Tree Skin Clearing Facial Wash

Even if you not wearing makeup everyday it is important to wash and cleanse your face at the end of everyday. This removes any excess oil or dirt build up that you may not be able to see. This product is perfect for that, its kind and smoothing and will give you that refreshed feeling. So specially if you’re prone to excess oil and blemishes you should grab this product!

6. Vitamin C Glow Protection Lotion

You after healthier-looking skin? This vitamin C moisturiser with SPF 30 will help bring out your inner radiance by hydrating and smoothing your skin. This product is important in winter months and during lockdown. It gives you an extra dose of vitamin C that your missing from these shorter winter days and from getting out the house less.

7. Seaweed Oil Control Gel Cream

This product is perfect for combination and oily skin types. It helps to bring the balance back to your skin, leaving it feeling fresher, hydrated and more mattified. Seaweed is great for regulating oil levels in the skin. So, if this is what your skin is calling out for this product is perfect for you!

8. Drops of Light Brightening Serum

Feeling like your skin is missing something? Maybe its a touch of brightness! This Serum will help you pep up dull-looking skin. This will help you look more luminous and will help uneven skin tones appear more balanced. Even the most healthy and vibrant skin needs a boost every now and then. So why not add a few drops of brightness to your skincare routine!

9. Hemp Overnight Nourishing Rescue Mask

When it comes to hydration, Hemp packs a punch. Hemp seed oil is known for its ultra-nourishing and skin restoring properties. If your skin is dry and dehydrated give it some love with this richly hydrating mask (with none of the greasiness.) It gets to work while you sleep to replenish thirsty skin with moisture. Wake up to skin that feels softer and comforted.

10. Hemp Hand Protector

Now, we need to looks after our hands just as much as we do our face! Specially during this pandemic and the constant use of hand sanitiser makes our hands sore and feel neglected. Making them not get the moisture they need. This product hydrates up to 24 hours and gives robust protection and relief for very dry skin, especially when it’s exposed to the elements.

So, there are your top 10 Skincare buys from The Body Shop you should have!

If any of these products tickle your fancy you can head over to The Body Shop now to find out what you need…

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Written By Emily Benison