Why boots’ new ‘Glow’ skincare range is what you need to try

Boots’ newest affordable eight-piece skincare range has launched, costing as little as £4 for serums packed full of beneficial ingredients, and claiming to give you that hydrated, healthy skin we all desire. Supposedly the new dupe for Glossier but retailing at just a fraction of the price, skincare lovers are going crazy. I decided to try a few of the products to bring together my top picks for you, and to see if it does give your skin that ‘glow’?. 

Skincare lines can be pretty expensive, as a student myself, I am always on the hunt for new products to test out to give my skin that boost it needs when it’s lacking life. When I walked into Boots my eyes were instantly drawn to the beautiful pink and rose gold packaging, then quickly drawn to the unbelievable prices. 

Eye Cream, £4

I personally love a good eye cream to apply in the AM and PM, I have tested out eye creams in the past such as the Clinique Moisture Surge, however, they have always been on the pricier side and didn’t think they were worth replacing. However, an eye cream for £4 I didn’t hesitate to pick up!

To use, I gently pat the eye cream around my eyes then carefully massage into the skin, the soft creamy texture making this easy to do so. A tip I love is to put my eye cream in the fridge overnight to then use in the AM, the benefits of this being that cold narrows the blood vessels which will deflate the eyebags, as well as helping to tackle any wrinkles. Using this in the evenings, as well as the mornings for a few days I found my skin around my eyes feeling hydrated, fresh, and awakened. 

Glow Essence, £4

I’ve personally never used a skin oil before so I was extremely eager to try this product out, the words ‘radiant and glowy’ stood out to me particularly on the bottle as that’s exactly what we all want right? An amazing fresh watermelon smell hit me when I opened the bottle, followed by the silky texture that doesn’t feel too greasy in your palms. I used about 3 drops to massage down my face and neck, followed up by my moisturiser to soak in overnight. My skin was looking illuminated and had a nice natural glow. 

Glow Tonic, £4

Does the name sound familiar to you? After recently running out of my Pixi Glow Tonic that I loved, I didn’t want to spend that amount of money again, so when I came across this £4 gem I was more than happy to try it out. After taking all my makeup off, I swept the solution across my face using a cotton pad, and honestly, my skin instantly felt refreshed and was left with a subtle glow. This product claims to clarify and even out your skin tone, I personally didn’t see much difference in my skin tone, however after a few days of using my skin started to clear up and blemishes disappeared, so it must be doing something right. 

Is the range worth buying?

The Boots ‘Glow’ Skincare range has something for everyone to enjoy, if you’re looking for a few cheaper alternatives in your routine this range is perfect to start with. The only product I don’t think is worth purchasing is the Gel Mask, I just found it didn’t do much to my skin, and it wasn’t feeling hydrated or moistured after.

What I love about this range is the irresistible scent of Watermelon, along with the pretty pink packaging making it appear more expensive than it is, it is very aesthetically pleasing to look at. There isn’t really much you can go wrong with this range at all!

This range is also Vegan and Cruelty-Free which is amazing. 

You can shop the full range now here https://www.boots.com/boots-glow

Written by Lucy Sanders