Reinventing Hugo Boss with HUGO BLUE


Whilst Hugo boss has been around since 1924, their target demographic has been largely aimed at the older generations. In recent years Hugo Boss has launched campaigns and new products to help identify themselves with Millennials and Gen Z, which includes their new Hugo Blue Line.

Although previously announced a year ago, the summer collection has been set to debut in the Summer of 2024. A hint of the collection is in the name, with blue denim being a key element to almost all styles. Relaxed streetwear including hoodies, sweatshirts, slouchy t-shirts, dungarees, bucket hats, and denim skirts can be seen within the collection. Another key factor is a range of gender-neutral styles have been introduced, all with a significantly lower price tag than other Hugo Boss products.

Daniel Grieder, the CEO of Hugo Boss, stated they want to ‘appeal to the younger generation of consumers’ and ‘are confident that Hugo Blue will attract new fans’. 

From the images we have seen of the release of Hugo Blue, we can see how they are trying to market this line for the younger demographic. Younger influencers and celebrities have been included in the campaign, including Vinnie Hacker, Cara Taylor, Reezy, and others.

Hugo Blue is set to launch at an event in Berlin on 6th March 2024. The event will include links to the digital world through the metaverse, entertainment platforms, and gaming. According to a Hugo Boss press release, these topics are important for them to include in the event as they help to target the ever-evolving territory of technology whilst also linking to the younger generation. The event has been explained as an immersive experience.

Although wanting to connect with a younger audience, the main Hugo Boss line plans to stick to their roots with a more tailored and luxury approach.

This new line is now available to shop on the Hugo Boss website from the 28th February 2024.

By Emma Foakes

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