When you’re trying to reprogram your insecurities, let go of anxiety or just manifest your goals. Speaking out loud is a powerful way to reprogramme your mind.

Affirmations are the perfect thing to add to your self-care routine, great for when you wake up kick off your day and for the evening it’s a great first step in your wind down routine.This just reminds you of your worth and gets positivity firing off inside your head! My favourite way to do affirmations is first thing in the morning and whenever I’m feeling anxiety about something that I feel affirmations could help with. Affirmations are helpful for reminding your brain of healthy coping mechanisms and are a useful tool to ingrain them into our thoughts. For example, “I no longer self-sabotage”

A good idea is to start with “I am” or “I” as if the thing you’re saying is already true.

The idea is that the more you tell yourself these things the deeper they are ingrained into your subconscious. 

“it’ll light up the same reward centres that respond to other pleasurable experiences.”

“It fires up your neural pathways and makes changes to those areas of the brain”

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By Paige Mulleman

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