Chanel, Alexis Mabille, and Giorgio Armani Privé- Day 2


Day 2 of Paris Haute Couture week saw Chanel, Alexis Mabille, Stéphane Rolland, Julien Fournié, RVDK Ronald Van Der Kemp, and Giorgio Armani Privé.

Chanel is possibly one of the most well known designer labels in the fashion industry, alongside being a household name. When we think of Chanel, we typically envision understated elegance and sophistication with clean cut lines. With this collection, Chanel has stayed true to their roots but also included a new spark of electric ensembles. Held at the Grand Palais Éphémère in Paris, a large Chanel logo could be seen hanging over the runway.

Blazers, tweed, and white tights were the core of this collection- and we would expect nothing less from Chanel. Picture Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl and you can see Chanel. However, the interesting thing from this collection was the use of layering and the textures used. Tulle was a key component in several of the 44 looks, adding personality and dimension to otherwise understated ensembles.

A key look to note that demonstrates Chanel’s fashion heritage whilst also showcasing the drama added to this collection was look 12. Virginie Viard’s ideas for this collection was to embrace the role performers have played in the fashion house’s history, alongside her work as a designer. She aimed to create an ‘ethereal collection’ resembling dance and the emotions that intertwine. The dress itself stands out within the collection due to Chanel being extremely well-known for the creation of ‘the little black dress’. It highlights the fashion house’s heritage, whilst being contemporary for the modern woman. The ensemble radiates elegance with a splash of fierceness with it’s sharp sparkling patterning. Tulle and feather can be seen flowing from the dresses hipline, playing into the dance aspect of the collection, resembling a tutu. As dance is all about expression and movement, the tulle and feathers flow behind the model as she made her way down the runway. The use of the black material of the dress and black pumps contrast against the white tights, creating a polished final look. The white tights resemble those dancers wear in ballet, creating femininity and grace through this look and the rest of the collection. Although in keeping with Chanel’s value and identity, the dress is new and exhilarating.

Look 12 from Chanel’s collection at Paris’ Haute Couture week

Alexis Mabille’s collection on Day 2 was an absolute show-stopper, and Carbon’s favourite collection of the day. Each look was carefully curated to portray individuality, femininity, and perfection. The collection consisted of 39 looks, focusing primarily on neutral shades of beige with the occasional yellow, black, and white look. Shapes consisted of embellished leotards, free-flowing gowns, and figure hugging dresses. With each of the looks being spectacular, the collection is the perfect vision of womanhood.

Look 14 is absolutely exquisite. The ensemble consisted of a floor length, neutral-toned mermaid dress. The draping of the thick, satin fabric casted shadows on the mermaid skirt, adding dimension to the look. Oversized balloon sleeves can be seen in tulle material, gathering at the wrist with sparkling buttons. This is a stunning contrast to the silky sheen of the rest of the look. The neckline of this look is exciting, as the use of the off-shoulder neckline has been altered with clean cut square lines. Champagne coloured bows have been added to the straps, once again playing into the look’s femininity and playfulness. The overall shape of this ensemble is in perfect harmony- each feature adds something fresh and exciting to the look whilst not being too overpowering. In short, this look is tantalisingly amazing.

Look 14 from Alexis Mabille’s collection at Paris’ Haute Couture week

Giorgio Armani Privé was the last show of the day, but definitely not least. With a humongous total of 92 looks, a variety of bold colours, enchanting shapes, and mesmerising textures could be seen. The aim of the collection was to step away from typical Armani, and focus on the playfulness and youth in couture. Each look is an art form- curated to demonstrate fun through fashion.

A look that stands out from the collection, and one that contrasts against many of the looks we have seen all day, would be the monochrome green ensemble. The high neckline of this look is a stunning juxtaposition against the mesh bodice, which touches on the idea of linking the provocative with the classy. The green embellished bodice, almost resembling clovers, is eye-catching and breathtaking. The use of the layered skirt in the light, ruffled material adds an element of fluidity and movement to the look, and transforms the ensemble. Underneath the skirt we can just about see a lace underlay, which adds depth and grace to the look. Paired with a teal coloured pointed heel, the look is phenomenal.

A look from Giorgio Armani’ Privé’s collection for Paris’ Haute Couture week

Thats all from day 2, onwards to Day 3!

By Emma Foakes

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