Find your lifting look for autumn/ winter

Popular colours taking over are shades of red, pink, and green, and lots of cosy neutrals too. These include Olive green, dark green, dark red spiced red, and plumb.  Fashion in the gym is almost as important as the workout, as the saying goes “If you feel pretty you lift heavy”.



Looking and feeling great isn’t the only thing to consider here, practicality is essential for exercise. When buying and styling your fitness looks for Autumn and Winter warmth is imperative. A great way to achieve this is the classic joggers on top of leggings/ shorts in the gym with whatever top you work out in be it a sports bra, t-shirt or a zip up jacket. It’s cute, it’s warm, its practical.

Another classic is leggings and a hoodie but to style it for the season why not play with trending colours and accessories. A long sleeve that reaches over the hand with thumb cut outs in a beautiful burgundy could transform your look, imagine the burgundy (or any colour) peaking out the sleeves of your jumper, its a discreet but cute addition if you like neutral workout outfits.

Article by Paige Mulleman

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