Primark x Wornwell Expansion

Primark x Wornwell expansion

Primark x Wornwell expansion

Primark x Wornwell expansion
Primark x Wornwell expansion

In an attempt to reduce the use of fast-fashion and become more eco-friendly, Primark is unveiling it’s newest partnership. In collaboration with Wornwell, The vintage Wholesale Company, vintage clothing has already been put into a select few of Primark stores. These include Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Manchester, Mary Street and Oxford Street Stores. 

Wornwell first entered the Birmingham Primark store, as it is a flagship store. After one year of the collaboration, the project is now expanding. Two new stores are included in this expansion, the Newcastle Primark and the Glasgow Argle Street Store.

Available on these vintage concessions will be pre-loved branded and non-branded items, ready to be purchased at a more affordable price. Some garments in the collections are one-offs, and are catered to both men and women. The brands that are included in this section could be Tommy Hilfiger, Nike, Dr Martens, Converse, and many more.

The garments included have been sourced from all around the globe, specifically for their uniqueness. 70s, 80s, and 90s trends will be making an appearance within looks such as denim jumpsuits, pattern shirts, even down to unique leather jackets and cargos.

The release of these stands in Primark stores means that there will officially be 10 Wornwell concessions in the UK and Ireland.

A workshop, named The Wornwell Workshop, is also set to be introduced on November 14th. This is selective only to Primark’s Manchester store, and allows custom printing, embroidery, and personalisation on any Wornwell purchases made from within the store.

It is unclear when the rest of Primark stores will include this partnership, however if it is a success it’s highly likely it will be sooner rather than later.

Will be you be shopping Primark’s vintage collection? Or will you stick to your favourite vintage and thrift shops?

By Emma Foakes

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