Last minute costumes you own


Here are last-minute costumes that with the right styling can transform into your ‘spooky’ look.

Soapy sponges

This is the perfect excuse to wear a cute dress and glow your way through the Halloween night.
If you’re not into creepy costumes and you want a cute simple way to dress up then look no further, a tulle or just puffy dress with a white belt as the sponge string is all you need, throw on some skin highlighter, baby oil if you don’t have any or a dewy moisturizer for that ‘wet look’ to complete the sponge costume

A quick classic

Absolutely classic costume and potentially the easiest, all you need is a hoodie and a bit of paper with “She doesn’t even go here” Oh and you can’t forget the sunglasses!
Yes, this is Damian from Mean Girls and you can’t go wrong with being an icon for Halloween.

Edna from The Incredibles

This is a super easy costume if you’re last minute, all you need are some fake glasses, a black skirt, and a suit or leather jacket however in the movie Enda is wearing a long coat so if you really looking to spice things up then wear a black trench coat as your costume with some thigh high boots or some long socks (or tights because it’s October and its literally not warm)

Article by Paige Mulleman

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