Staying in on a Monday night? Ugh, as if!

Monday Night At The Movies Poster

Monday Night At The Movies Poster

Solent University’s student-ran Carbon Magazine is kickstarting the ‘Carbon Live: Reimagined’ week with ‘Monday Night At The Movies’. We have a list of 4 events commencing on the week beginning 27th November 2023, specifically catered for you. This week of events are dedicated to 4 different charities that we believe have a strong impact on our lives.

‘Monday Night At The Movies’ is a relaxed and welcoming event for all. The concept behind the event is that attendees get to come and watch a fun chick-flick film (Clueless!) with their friends in a comforting environment. Attendees can bring their own reusable cups to be filled with hot chocolate. Snacks such as popcorn will be available to be purchased at the event. It starts at 5:30pm for everyone to get their hot chocolate and snacks before going into the cinema room at 6pm, running until 8pm. Tickets for the event cost £3, alongside a donation of an unwanted bra. Carbon will be donating all of the bras to charity for those more in meed. Anyone is welcome to join in on the fun, as tickets can be purchased on Fatsoma.

This year’s events, sponsored by Shein, are all in aid of charity. The chosen charity to be featured at ‘Monday Night At The Movies’ is called Coppafeel!, an organisation dedicated to spreading awareness on checking your boobs. The idea is in the name- encouraging young people in the UK to check their boobs and pecs as it’s not only fun but it could save their life. Coppafeel! Was founded by twin sisters Kristin and Maren Hallenga in 2009, when at 23, they found out that Kristin had been diagnosed with secondary breast cancer. At the time Kristen was living in China for 8 months, and didn’t realise breast cancer could affect such young individuals as she didn’t have much knowledge on the subject. Hence why Coppafeel! was born.

Since the creation of the organisation, so much good has been done. They have their very own annual music and comedy festival ‘Festifeel’, they made their way onto uni campus’ with Uni Boob Team, encouraging students to get to know their boobs. They even launched a free text reminder in 2011 from ‘Boob Towers’, which reminds people to check themselves over, and formed the ‘Boobettes’ in 2012 to come into schools and workplaces to share their experiences with breast cancer. In 2017 the first ever nipple was shown on TV  from their ‘Trust Your Touch’ campaign, and the ‘Boob Bot’ was created in 2019 to talk you through a personalised boob check and give you tailored advice. This is only a small snippet of the work that Coppafeel! has done to spread awareness, and shows that they do not plan on standing down until more young people are aware of their bodies.

So to support Coppafeel: come along, bring a bra, and don’t forget your reusable cup!

If you are unable to attend, please feel free to donate to the gofundme we have set up in order to raise money for this cause:

Thinking of not attending the event? Ugh, as if!

By Emma Foakes

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