7 Christmas Movies To Get You In The Festive Spirit


With 2023 coming to an end, it’s quite clear that Christmas is approaching! That indicates its time for Christmas Lights, Tree Decorating, Gingerbread House Making, Christmas Shopping, Mulled Wine, Christmas Markets, Christmas Parties, Snowy Days (if it decides to actually come this year) and so much more. Now some of you may not like to think about Christmas so early, and some of you may have already taken out your boxes and Christmas decorations. However, no matter your mindset on getting ready for Christmas, it’s never too early to start watching Christmas movies (as long as it’s not before November).

Here is a list of Xmas movies to get you into the festive spirit!

The Grinch (Popular)

If you are the Ba-humbug of the family, then this movie is perfect for you. A family fun filled movie about a grinch, a cynical grump, who hates Christmas and finds it disturbing. He goes on a mission to steal Christmas after Whoville has declared to make Christmas that year bigger than ever but goes on has his

Home Alone (Classic)

If you’re into the classics then you have probably watched this movie a thousand times, however it never hurts to watch it again. Home alone is about a young boy who gets left at home alone unintentionally after his family forgot about him and left him to go on holiday. During this movie, the young boy

heart changed by a young girl who loves Christmas. It is a warm and heartfelt movie that everyone will love.

goes through many trials brought by living alone and having people target his home. If this is the one for our then hurry up and get some peppermint Julep, Popcorn and a big warm throw and press play.

Daddy’s Home 2 (Family/Funny)

If you are looking for a good laugh, the Daddy’s Home 2 is what you need. A movie on a dysfunctional family and how they like to celebrate Christmas. This movie is a fun watch and there are aspects of the movie that can apply to many people during Christmas, like the perfectionism behind Christmas. Though things don’t always go the way as planned. If this is you, then take some notes while watching the movie.

Candy Cane Lane (New)

A new movie coming out in December about a father who wants to win the Christmas decorating contest that the whole neighbourhood is a part of. But in order to buy the best decorations, he unintentionally signs a contract with an evil elf. This story is about the family coming together to stop the evil elf turning the dad into a

Best. Christmas. Ever! (New/Heartfelt)

A new upcoming movie coming out on the 16th of November about two friends who spend Christmas together. Again, looking into the perfectionism of Christmas adding some envy and friendship into the mix. If you are watching daddy’s Home 2 and want to relax after all the giggles, I

figurine. It is a fluffy Christmas horror movie for all ages. If this is your watch, then snuggle up tight with a hot water bottle and enjoy.

recommend this as a second choice to watch straight after.

The Knight Before Christmas (Romance)

If you are a romance fanatic, the this is your choice. Starring the famous Vanessa Hudgens, who stars in a lot of Christmas Romance movies. The movies is about a knight who comes from a different realm, a different time and brings back her Christmas spirit after a breakup and losing her parents. If this is your choice

Elf (Family/Comedy)

A family friendly movie about an elf who goes on an adventure to find his father in the human world. A funny classic Christmas movie that warms a viewer’s heart. If you want to feel like you are a part of a Christmas movie, then this is the movie to watch, with the huge lit up Christmas tree the big shopping centre with many Christmas stores, the scarf

then I suggest a big mug of hot chocolate with whipped cream, marshmallows, and chocolate shavings with a plate of home cooked biscuits to enjoy whilst you watch.

and hat combo, Santa in his grotto and the adventures in New York.

Written by Chaiyla Norville-Whyms

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