Controversies of the clean girl


The clean girl aesthetic is THE aesthetic to be keeping up with on TikTok because of the lifestyle it’s promoted to come with. It’s like Marmite, you either love it or despise it. Have you explored this trend using makeup or skincare?

The clean girl aesthetic entails makeup which is light, bronzed and shimmery to show natural radiance. Audiences and creators on TikTok are sometimes heavily focused on looking younger and brighter because of the stigma of aging. This explains the hype of the trend, it gives you a youthful finish. Outfits normally have very sleek, smart look, for example a plain white t-shirt and nothing extravagant. The being a clean girl seems very rewarding as an audience online. This is because it’s everything anyone seems to want, clear skin or a healthy balanced diet.

Contrived and controversial

I personally feel like there are real controversies about this aesthetic, solely because of the TikTok slideshows. They all seem to include slim, blonde, white young women as if that’s what the entire platform of TikTok looks like. Its extremely limiting and harmful towards women of colour that would love to try this aesthetic but have seen no representation of themselves.

By Leah Camilleri

Controversies of the clean girl

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