Top 5 tooth gem looks for this season


Tooth gems have been increasingly popular because of the rise in y2k, 20 years later. They were originally popular because of the hip-hop community using rhinestones and even crystals.

Here are carbons cutest tooth gems to live your wildest 2000’s dreams!

These cute silver gems would look incredible on a cooler skin tone as they compliment each other well. I’ve noticed stars are very in right now, from tooth gems to t-shirts to jewellery, so if you want to throw yourself in the trend, this tooth gem style is definitely for you! 

Halloween, everyone’s favourite time of year! Full of festive colours and bite sized treats, but here’s a way to make it more grown up and classy. Spooky ghost tooth gems could make your costume go from boring to wow.

If you’re looking for something clean and simple, then this one is specifically for you. Having multiple coloured gems all in a row could really accent an outfit or add contrast in a unique way.

Blue, a colour that radiates happiness and peace, who wouldn’t want that presenting small butterflies on their teeth. I love the symmetry in this look as its very satisfying to the eye, as well as the sparkly complimentary canines.

Personally, I’m very much a silver girl, so this look attracts me from the start, as well as the maximalism of it. Sometimes its lovely to have a simple look, but depending on your personality or style, leaning towards a heavier tooth gem style could be your best idea of 2023.

By Leah Camilleri

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