Is the new popular K beauty ingredient worth it?


K beauty fans have been recently obsessed with the active ingredient ectoin, derived from bacteria fermentation and it is an  anti stress molecule and No ectoin won’t cause you breakouts just because it is derived from a type of bacteria.

As the time passes they are considered as the most  innovative skincare  ingredient in the market  according to  WGSN and Loreal! 

It has multiple purposes in skincare such as it guards against external aggressions and balances the skin barrier by producing natural amino acids and it is well known for protecting skin cells against extreme weather conditions so, for that reason it is commonly found in Korean’s  sun care, grooming and anti ageing products. 

Will this trend impact Western beauty? 

Well, on TikTok the use of hashtag #ectoin has over 42 million views and western beauty products such as Evolve beauty has already invest in ectoin as a key ingredient in their products in their products and they are available to buy via Sephora and Feel Unique.

Luckily, we live in a generation where we can also  easily  have access to  K beauty products for instance Dr Jart that can be seen almost in every high end shop to see for ourselves because the key in skincare is to understand our skin is unique and it works differently than anyone else and what also makes K beauty products so attractive is not just their niche formulas but also their flexible price options. 

Find Ectoin skincare based products available in UK:

Dr Jart+ Ceramidin™ Ectoin®-Infused Cream

35 out of 39 (89.74%) reviewers recommend this product” via rating

92% of respondents would recommended this to a friend” via Dr own site rating

EVOLVE Pro + Ectoin Soothing Cream

4.8 star rating based on 28 reviews via

5 star rating based on 1 review via

Ultrasun Face SPF30

5 star rating based on 26 reviews via

4.63 star rating based on 67 reviews via

Article by Sofia Komiti

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