korean colour analysis

Korean colour Analysis

Not sure what colour compliments your skin tone or features? Well, when it comes to finding the perfect shade to enhance your natural beauty, Korean colour analysis has got you covered, the method has taken the world by storm, now reaching into the UK and of course was discovered by none other than Tiktok. You have undoubtedly come across it as consultants that use the technique have rinsed the hashtag #colouranaylsis which took over a colossal 286.3 million views. Impressive right? 

The trend is strongly used in many different ways by beauty and fashion stylists and the most popular way to do it is by draping different palettes of shades and tones across the chest as they reflect onto your face displaying, whether you are warm or cold-toned, This works for everything from jewellery, hair, makeup, and especially the clothes your wear through the seasons, now I know this is making you question whether you’re a silver or gold girly. 

As the trend is becoming a massive hit, TikTok even created a personal colour analysis filter which can allow you to have a go from the comfort of your own home; if you want a true experience, freelance consultants are all over Instagram and Tiktok waiting for you, you can’t miss them!

By Emily Ayse Jemal.

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