We’re not just layering our fashion this Autumn; we’re Layering our skincare and we’re not neglecting SPF.

we know anti-aging skincare works best if you start around your 20s, but did you know most of it’s pointless without SPF, even in the colder seasons?

Yes, this means the wonderful effects of your retinol serums and your dewy plumping products won’t have significantly lasting effects if you get sun damage, Autumn and Winter do not make you immune to this. Most of us have heard of collagen and if you haven’t( in skincare)collagen helps with you skins elasticity and youthful appearance. How is this relevant? The sun does not like our collagen, it does like to break it down as well as change our skins DNA which can lead to cancer and if that isn’t enough warning (which it should be)the sun can also cause free radicals (spots, wrinkles and dark spots) as well as premature aging. Bottom line is – use SPF, the “anti-aging” on your products on your shelf will not be worth your money if you’re not protecting your skin from the sun’s wrath.

It’s often assumed that during autumn and winter you do not need sun protection and until recently I was under the same impression. The sun is still there it’s just elected to make us cold instead, there are still UVA and UVB making their way into our skin. Don’t worry, I tend to breakout from sun protection and I doubt I’m the only one so to help avoid breakouts I recommend buying one designed for your face and skin type unlike the one you use on your body. Sunsticks are a great way to top up your sun protection throughout the day, they’re often formulated to go ontop of makeup too!

By Paige Mulleman

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