Add some MAGIC with the BEAUTY VERSE palette


Hey, are looking to up your makeup game?

Do you want to create the most phenomenal and show stopping eye looks? Are you wanting a palette that suits all occasions?

Well here is the must have eyeshadow palette for your makeup collection this autumn. Charlotte Tilbury have released a stunning limited edition, euphoric eyeshadow palette that is meant to give you all the glitz and glamour you could ever need. This mesmerising palette contains all the dazzling colours that have been on trend as of 2023. From latte eyes to strawberry girl and even pink core this palette has got it all. These pigmented shades glide onto your eyes seamlessly and reflect the light for the perfect crystal glow

Do you want a palette that’s suitable for the day and night? Well your in luck cause this palette can do that too. The warm matt browns are the ultimate colours you need to achieve a natural daytime eye look. These shadows give you a defined makeup look in seconds and its smooth, buttery texture is great for an easy application. The crystal glow shades are a perfect transition to an evening look, whether your going out for dinner or going to the club, these shades will always add something special to your look. Discover the dazzle by combing the glitter shades together for a multi-dimensional look or using one of the party topper shades in the crease for more of a bold look. 

So go ahead and unlock all the infinite makeup looks with this futuristic palette while you still can- you won’t regret it! 

By Emma Patel

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