What is a permanent bracelet?

Permeant bracelets are as straightforward as they sound, they are made by permanently joining the links or segments of the bracelet together onto the wrist (so unable to take off). The welding technique consist of fusing the links together using heat. People use the term being ‘zapped’.

Why do people get welded bracelets?

It shows commitment as you can’t take them off, similar to a tattoo. Usually, people like to get them with friends/family or partners to show that unbreakable bond. It’s a sentimental piece of jewellery, but that doesn’t mean people don’t get them for themselves as they are very fashionable at the moment, currently very trendy on TikTok.  

How much do permeant bracelets cost?

In the UK it roughly ranges between £50-£170 but that depends where you get it, and as there so popular its quite assessable now in a lot of areas. For example, in London you could get your bracelets done at Lynkd London, Liberty, Under the Rose and so many more.

How long does the process take?

It usually takes 10-20 minutes. It’s a completely painless process and the bracelet will last as long as you want it to after. If you ever decided you wanted it off, a sharp pair of scissors should do the job.

By Sammie Lawrence

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