5 Winter Houseplants to buy when you don’t have the Green Thumb


Are you a person that absolutely loves plants, but doesn’t have a green thumb? Are you that person that person that loves plants, so you buy a lot of fake plants from IKEA? 

Its wintertime, which means winter plants, which means not having to look after plants as much, essentially, only having to look after them when you remember them. As the weather changes, we notice it gets colder and the days get shorter (which is quite clear as it is now dark at 5pm). Plants start to notice this change too. Therefore, they grow a lot slower and use their nutrients and water much slower, which means they hold onto life for a lot longer the usual. So, if you forget to water your plants for 2-3 weeks, maybe even a month (depending on the plant), the plant should still be alive, you may just need to give the plant a hefty amount of water. 

In today’s article, I will give you 5 winter houseplants to buy when you don’t have the Green Thumb.

1. Crassula

The crassula – also known as the Jade Plant – is a perfect winter houseplant, as It’s happy to tolerate warm and colder conditions and can withstand low-light conditions easily enough. If you keep up with a monthly watering routine and give it a little bit of sunlight, it’ll last through to spring and summer.

2. Pothos

The Pothos plants have strong durability and are easy to care for, making them perfect for winter houseplants beginners or cold seasons, known for their trailing vines, Pothos plants will not mind facing chillier winds when placed on windowsills or lower light levels during the season’s shorter days. Personally, having a plant similar to this, it is one of my favourite to have for its beauty and for its independence, despite having the green thumb now, I was given this plant when I didn’t care for plants and it was the easiest plant to look after, I could leave it for 4 week and it would still be okay (I don’t do that anymore though).

3. Succulents

Although small, succulents are known for their sturdiness and low-maintenance indoor care. Since they can be found on every continent, succulents have been adapting to all sorts of environmental settings, ranging from dry climates or heavy drought. This indicates how easy it is to look after a succulent, however it still easy to kill a succulent if you leave it for too long. 

4. Orchids

Orchids are classic and seasonal choices to bring your indoor winter-scape to life. It is a beautiful, simple and undemanding white phalaenopsis orchid. It is sophisticated, low maintenance, happy with only medium light and can lasts for months. Best to be kept in a bathroom.

5. Sansevieria

Sansevieria – these hardy house plants are happy in both bright, direct sunlight or deep shade. This makes them the perfect plant for winter as they won’t need moving to a brighter spot when light levels drop. Sansevieria doesn’t like freezing cold but doesn’t mind temperature fluctuations, like the central heating going on and off. Again, having this plant, is one of the best plants to have, I rarely have to focus on the plant, but it still continues to grow taller and taller, it sits in a place that has many different climates during the day in my room, and I have never had a sign of it being sad, droopy, or decay.

Plants come and go, they are an embodiment of life, so no matter how many plants you may see die, I would suggest trying again until you find a plant that works for you. Sometimes it may not even be your fault, it may have had a disease, but if you want a plant, I suggest starting with low maintenance winter plants.

Written by Chaiyla Norville-Whyms

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