If you’re ever in a slump these are the five steps to greatness. Boss girl your way to feeling like the main character in your own narrative.

1. Walking with confidence

All you need is and outfit that makes you feel like you are the most confident version of yourself, a coffee in hand and some of your favourite tunes in your ears and then you can walk everywhere like life’s a catwalk.

2. Self Care

Do a face mask, get your nails done, go to the gym etc. You can literally do anything you like as long as it brings you happiness, you don’t need an excuse to treat yourself.

3. Next is Boss Girl music recommendations

Paint the Town Red – Doja Cat

4. Treat yourself for no reason

If you ever feel like you need a pick me up after a long day or even after doing nothing at all DO IT! Grab that fancy coffee or that treat that you just cant stop thinking about.

5. Go at it alone

If you are feeling brave one day you should take yourself on a solo date, cinema, dinner or even just as simple as a coffee. Being able to enjoy your own company is such an important thing to be able to do and it’ll help you at so many times in your life.

You should be officially set up for life with these tips, or if not you have a bigger chance of being confident and knowing yourself better. Be the Main Character in your life for once!

By Louise Buxcey

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