Why skin cycling is the best solution for your skin problems!


A legit beauty Tik Tok trend, skin cycling involves the frequency you apply your treatments such as exfoliators, retinol etc as part of your skincare routine. Why should you keep in mind how often you treat your skin? Because you may worsen your skin condition by ruining your skin barrier without realising it. 

How does skin cycling work? 

Obviously everyone’s skin is different however, the way skin cycling works balances the need for repair and treatment which are both equally important for your skin. Therefore, a standard everyday morning routine should involve cleansed skin, Vitamin C for its antioxidant benefits (optional), moisturiser and always no matter what SPF. What about a standard night time routine? It starts with a four-night cycle using different specific products each day. 2 out of 4 days are recovery days which are focused on hydration and overall preparing our skin barrier for the days when strong actives are being applied. As a result, your skin will become less inflamed and healed in the process.

Instead of overspending on more products, find products your skin will love in the long term and use them each, based on their function for instance as an exfoliant, antioxidant, retinol or hydrator. Influencers such as Youtubers have found this trend unbelievable on how their skin got better after considering skin cycling.

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Always remember perfection doesn’t exist.

Article by Sofia Komiti

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