November got your skin dry? Here why and here’s how to fix it

In colder months our skin gets dryer, “When temperatures plummet, so too does humidity, stripping away with it up to 25% of our skin’s moisture.” This can be from your heating as well as the outside air. The things that cause this are unavoidable but what we can control is how we react so let’s stay hydrated and keep our skin hydrated.

Saving your skin comes in with skincare and overall self-care. Serums are
great to help with hydration and moisture loss, most popularly known
we have hyaluronic acid which is great but you might be unfamiliar with 
with a Glycerin serum “, glycerin is a much smaller sized molecule so it can penetrate
deeper into skin
” This is going to give you a bit deeper hydration, the right serum for you depends on your skin needs, either way, Humectants are a must-have!

Typically a serum that contains multiple humectants/ hydrating ingredients is your best bet, Here are some great options with links to the ingredients:

Of course, a serum isn’t going to do all the work, we need to seal the deal
with a good moisturizer, one that actually penetrates the skin and protects it
from moisture loss. You want to look for moisturizers that contain multiple
hydrating ingredients that are formulated to help keep that moisture locked
in. Don’t know where to start? neither did I, I’ve got some options for you here that are favorites in the skincare community:

Mists are a great top-up throughout the day and when you’re outside just like applying lip balm when you’re out and your lips are chapped from the cold and dry air. A quick spritz is a perfect top-up and delivers hydration without us having to use even more moisturizer, my skin is very dry and I subsequently use so much moisturizer that it’s gone much sooner than I’d like so I’ve started topping up with mists.

Hopefully, that helps, let’s have glowing skin amongst the dull skies.

Article by Paige Mulleman

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